Oft Asked Questions

If you have a question that you'd like me to answer please leave a comment. If it's a long answer I may write it as a standalone post instead of or in addition to addressing it here.

When am I starting my hike?
Early April with the exact date still to be decided by yours truly.

How long will I take to hike the entire Appalachian Trail?
Four to five months.

What will my trail name be?
Meriadoc. Enough people have called me a hobbit that I decided to run with it. Meriadoc is my favorite hobbit.

What will I eat on the trail?
Snails, newts, salamanders, tree bark. Oh, I should be serious? I plan to buy most of my food at local groceries to save the trouble of sending mail drops.

Where will I sleep at night?
In my hammock! This one deserves a post all its own.

How cold will it get?
Below freezing some nights. In the recent past there has been a sizable snowstorm in April every year.

What sort of help will be available for emergencies?
I may be bringing a cell phone. Then again, I may just hike out.

Aren't I afraid of bears?
Not very.

How many pairs of shoes will I use?
History says two to three pairs of shoes will be sacrificed for this trip.

What will my backpack weigh?
The final weight is still being determined - I am targeting 30 lbs with food for five days and 2 L of water.


  1. It sounds as though you have, as one who knows you well would expect, completely sussed out everything you'll need to have a safe and enjoyable (if challenging) walk in the woods. Go Eric! (aka Meriadoc)

  2. Where are they going to mail your ballot to?!?!

    1. Very good question! I was anticipating returning in time to vote in person. I'll be working on this.

    2. My ballot will be mailed to New Jersey and then mailed to wherever I happen to be at that time.

  3. I found you when I queried "oft asked" to use in my blog, ha ha. Hubs has always wanted to hke the AT! Son has hiked White mnts. Very interested to follow your journey from SoCal!

    1. Welcome Enchanted Seashells! It's definitely a worthwhile journey. And you found me right on the heels of your own hiking trip. Enjoy the weather in SoCal!