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Last Updated 4/5/2012
This list is still a work in progress. I'll be working on it from time to time and will keep a post at the top to say when I last updated it. Keep in mind this list of links is far from exhaustive. Go explore!

I have no financial ties to any of the organizations or companies below. I am a (paying) member of several organizations included herein but derive no financial support from them. 

Trail Organizations:
Appalachian Trail Conservancy - Without these folks, the Appalachian Trail as we know it would not exist.

Hammock Forums - This is the place to go for all information related to hammocks and to meet very friendly people.
White Blaze - A forum dedicated to the Appalachian Trail.

To help out with finding gear manufacturers, I am going to list the ones that I know about. Please understand that this is FAR from an exhaustive list. Also while I have tried to place these vendors into categories, many do not fit just one category. Finally, while I have vetted each of these vendors and would be willing to place an order with any and all listed here, remember to use your own judgment.

Stoves - Many sell more than stoves but stoves are the primary focus. Most, if not all, of these vendors are cottage shops. Many are run out of the owner's home.
End2End Trail Supply
Four Dog Stove
Minibulldesign Cult
Optimus (Home of the legendary SVEA)
Penny Stove
Plans for the Super Cat Stove
Trail Designs
Zelph Stoves

Hammock Related - Purveyors of hammocks, tarps, under quilts, top quilts, and other backpacking goodies. Most, if not all, of these vendors are cottage shops. Many are run out of the owner's home.
2QZQ Hammock Specialties
Arrowhead Equipment
Butt in a Sling Hammock Gear
Dream Hammock
Enlightened Equipment
Grand Trunk
Jacks 'R' Better
LeighLo's Hammock Quilts
Outdoor Equipment Supplier
OutdoorTrailGear (Coop spanning multiple genres)
Smart Outdoors
te-wa Underquilts
Turtle Quilts N Tarps
Underground Quilts
Warbonnet Outdoors

Raw Materials and DIY kits
D.I.Y. Gear Supply
The Rainshed Inc.
Specialty Outdoors

Granite Gear
Ultralight Adventure Equipment

Ultralight Specialists
Gossamer Gear
Hyperlite Mountain Gear
Mountain Laurel Designs
Tarptent Ultralight Shelters

General Gear
Feathered Friends
Lawson Outdoor Equipment

Discount Gear
The Clymb
Sierra Trading Post
Steep and Cheap

Vapor Barrier
Stephenson's Warmlite

Minimalist Shoes
Invisible Shoes

Harmony House Foods
Packit Gourmet

Personal Favorites that didn't fit elsewhere:

General Retailers
Amazon (You can find a lot of gear here too.)
Backcountry Gear
Cookie & Paul Video about through hiking the Continental Divide Trail (3 min, 15 min, or 2 hour version)

Gear I'm using

Favorite clothing companies in alphabetical order:
Altra - My favorite pair of trail runners for hiking is the Lone Peak. (Semi-minimalist shoe)
ExOfficio - Their tag line "17 countries. 6 weeks. One pair of award-winning underwear"?  Believe it.
Patagonia - Most of my base layers and insulation layers come from these guys. I love that they focus strongly on sustainability and create top-notch products.
RailRiders - Good source of functional clothing that can't be found elsewhere. My lightweight nylon pants with full length zippers and mesh vents come from here.
UnderArmour - They make the best cold weather base layer I own.
Vibram FiveFingers - Yep. I'm one of those. I truly love them. (Minimalist shoe)

Ultralight Adventure Equipment (ULA) - My favorite backpack is the ULA Circuit for all around use.

Dream Hammock - Hammock, bug sock, wind sock 
GargoyleGear - Crafter of various hammocking accessories and the creator of my workhorse, the Mega Ogee tarp.
LeighLo's Hammock Quilts - Top quilt and under quilt