Sunday, July 5, 2015

Journeys Go Ever On

Dear reader,

Adventures never cease, I simply have not been writing about them. Largely, I lacked the impetus because no single event was as dominating as a thru hike. However, enough pent up momentum has been harnessed, and I think I shall start to share my adventures in the written word again. [Ooo, misplaced modifier! I like the double/ambiguous meaning, so I'm keeping it.] (Kinda neat how metaphorical momentum can be stored like that in my being. Otherwise I'd have to use a flywheel or some other physical method, and that would make it difficult to change direction!)

In late May and into early June I cycled from where I live to the Maine coast, up the coast to Canada, into foggy St. John, across the Bay of Fundy, across Nova Scotia and back down the other side where I took a ferry back to Portland. Whew. The description of the route takes almost as long to say as it took to ride! (10 days? I need to check my journal!)

I intend to share some stories from my ride and work to make navigation of this site easier, so that posts are grouped by topic and content and not by date.

Yoga was great today, running was great yesterday. Go live!

Au revoir

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