Friday, March 1, 2013

Never Wear Boots

I am fairly picky as to what I wear on my feet. Generally, I prefer something minimal. I have covered more than 2000 miles by foot over the past 12 months and I continue to hike every day.  For the majority of those miles I wore sandals. One of the big things I have learned in this time is what is good for my feet and my body as a whole. Sandals are still my go-to item.

My footwear for half of Virginia and most of Maine
Years ago, before I really knew what hiking even was, a friend of mine invited me to go out to the Grand Canyon and backpack. Knowing nothing about backpacking equipment, my parents took me to a local outfitter where we threw ourselves (and my future gear list) upon the mercy of the salesperson. Fortunately, he really knew what he was talking about. He knew what I didn't need to bring. He knew what I needed to bring. He knew about wool socks and liner socks, about synthetic and down sleeping bags, and about how to fit a backpack. He also knew what type of boots would wear out quickly, what boots would be comfortable, and how to choose a boot that is least likely to be a lemon. He set me up with a great pair of boots. But that was the start of the problem.