Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Journal: When is Yoga harder than the Appalachian Trail?

Now that I am off the trail I have to create exercise activities. Where I am sojourning I can only build so much exercise into my daily activities. I visit the grocery store daily with a short walk a mile away. I bicycle to destinations as much as possible. But I don't always have enough destinations! This is not the reason I go to yoga. But it is one reason I bike to yoga.

So here I am biking to yoga on a cool morning. Did I say cool? I meant cold. At least I find it cold riding for six miles in 40 degrees Fahrenheit in shorts and a T-shirt. Well, comparatively. You see, I was surviving but not comfortable for those miles as I spasmed my hands on the handlebars to keep them from freezing. It works; on the trail you learn that these things are livable. But I was not at all prepared for my destination. Because my destination was . . . drumroll please . . . hot yoga. Can you say Whoops?

I have regularly performed and attended yoga since completing the trail. But being unattached at the moment I am floating among various family and friends who have kindly hosted me. Therefore I don't have a regular practice established. When I come to an area I look for a good place nearby and sign up. The winner this time was Hot Yoga Revolution which specializes in, surprise surprise, hot yoga!

Since this was to be my first ever hot yoga I decided it was a great idea to acclimatize my body to heat by riding a bicycle six miles in 40 degree weather while wearing shorts and a T-shirt. My efforts paid off. At some point in the class my head started feeling woozy and my body felt too hot from the inside. Nausea was a bonus. The sensation was remarkably familiar, rather similar to the time I ascended an unnamed 1000 foot peak north of Apple Orchard Mountain at 3 PM during a heat wave. Or the time in Gulf Hagas with too little water. Or the time in the Roller Coaster while I was still recovering. Or maybe the time I was so dehydrated and sodium deficient that a half liter of water with a full ramen seasoning packet dumped in was the most delicious thing to ever enter my mouth. You would think I could learn.

So in the middle of the session I left the room to go have a lie down in a cooler clime. I waited for the nausea to subside and the room to stop spinning. Then I drank the rest of my water and went back in. That might be called foolish or stubborn but I want to demonstrate that I am neither. I am giving my body two full days of recovery before I head back for another class.

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