Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Journal: Trails Go Ever On

What am I doing here? No, what am I doing HERE?

I have hiked all 2184 miles of the Appalachian Trail and I am once again in a place with phones, computers, and internet access. All of those were lost to me for a week and a half on the AT. Those stories will come later. The upshot is that I lost contact with just about everyone and flew by night through the last 200 miles of the AT. And for the last 97 miles of the AT, I hiked by night too.

But I reached Harpers Ferry on November 10th and met my friend Sweet who came to pick me up. We held a quiet and perfect celebration. 
My friend and partner for 1200 miles came to celebrate with me.

My feeling on finishing the trail was one of reflection and contentment. As I organize my thoughts, memories, and photos, I will be posting here - particularly the missing post on my concluding week. And I will try to explain why I am not hiking south to Georgia after all.

The trail never ends. We just change how we walk it.
Merry trails and Love to all.



  1. Congratulations. I hope your trail withdrawal is not too bad.

    I'll bet you think your glad to be off the trail, but lets see how you feel in a few weeks:-)