Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Journal: Cooperatively Wet

Reposted from email:

Hanover NH had the most wonderful coop grocery store with fresh fruits, veggies, cheeses, and a bulk food section for which to die. I loaded up on good food, tossed in some apples, spinach, tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, freshly baked bread and prepared to have a sumptuous feast. I had only one problem: it was 5:30 PM with seven miles to hike and a storm in the forecast (thankfully downgraded from the tornado warning). So I went back to my spot by the athletic fields and set up my tarp on the lawn. Or tried to.

As I was pegging the final corner, the wind came in and blew my tarp down. Through excellent planning I stored a bunch of loose articles on the ground for the wind to play with. Dropping my pack, I grabbed all the loose items and made a beeline for the woods. Then I recovered my backpack and brought it to the woods too. The wind was less there so I threw my tarp over the backpack and just sat down and had a good laugh. I took my time rigging the tarp since everything, including me, was soaking wet. Then I sat down on my pad (yay for sleeping pads!) and laughed some more. My quilts and clothing escaped the deluge - as they were designed to - because of the plastic bag liner I use. So I was fairly warm and comfortable as long as I ignored the rain splashing on my face now and then. Not being in the mood for a large supper anymore, I saved that for the next day and nibbled on some bread and cheese.

Leaving Hanover my pack was exceedingly heavy because of all the fresh fruits and vegetables. This could not continue. So at the first shelter I feasted and took a nap. And then I hiked a little. This pattern continued almost all the way to Killington. Wake up, eat breakfast in bed, read until 10 or 11, hike ten miles with the appropriate naps and arrive at camp just after dark. By yesterday evening I was feeling frisky again and hiking at my accustomed pace. And then Piper, AG, and Will showed up with news that Dogger was not far behind. Four, almost five southbounders in one place! This was no longer a bubble but a phenomenon! It was short lived because Dogger is likely not staying at the Inn and Piper left to visit some friends, but I will see each of them again.

Tonight I have a pub, another coop, and the hope of replacing my phone in the morning.

Cheers from Killington, mile 487.3 SOBO,
Merry the Hobbit

Oh, and Vermont is LOVELY. Yes, it deserves all caps. Wonderful people, nice hiking, beautiful forests, and still some views.

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