Saturday, September 8, 2012

Journal: Clearly, I have been remiss

So no updates on either Trail Journals or Blogger. Where oh where could that through hiker be? Having difficulty staying connected! Since I write up short summaries via email - although they fit neither on a daily trail journal nor on a article basis, I am copying them here.

As written on September 5th, typographical errors and all:

Hello from Lincoln NH!

Southbound through the White Mountains has been a blast! Southern Maine was definitely more difficult than the Presidential range in terms of terrain, but the weather in the Presidentials was awesome. One day, a fellow SOBO and I traversed from the summit of Madison (actually started 3 miles below the summit) about 8 miles to the Lakes of the Clouds huts. The entire trek was well above treeline and the wind was whipping. On Mount Washington the maximum wind speed hit 85 mph that day. On a saddle before Mt. Washington the wind felt a good deal worse than it felt on Mt. Washington. Some of the time we spent crawling, almost all of the time we spent braced against the wind. The wind plastered my hat to my right eye so I could only see out of my left - but this was a good thing. Because the wind was driving rain so hard that it was difficult to tell it if was ice or water. The other ridges were beautiful.

My phone has become a casualty of the trek - the screen is dead for whatever reason. So I am effectively incommunicado. My left knee has also been damaged by the Whites. I strained my right quadriceps while running down Wildcat Mountain. Then I compensated for the injured right leg by using my left leg more. That overuse strained a tendon in my left knee. But thankfully we still pulled 12-15 mile days through the Presidentials, there's only one large peak left, and the tendon is making a good recovery - as is the quadriceps. Ibuprofen works wonders.

Now that the remnants of Isaac have passed through the area, I'm going to be heading back out of town.

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