Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Journal: Eat Everything

Reposted from email:

All you can eat buffet is a very dangerous thing to say to a thru hiker. I am sitting in Gorham NH working on plate number four.

Since Sweet n' Sour and I split up two weeks ago the SOBO crowd has been scarce. But I have word that two SOBOs came into town today, so maybe I'll see some.

The White Mountains have started with Mahoosuc Arm and Notch. Each deserves its reputation but they are far from showstoppers. Unless it's raining. Then, good luck descending the Arm.

Okay. Up to plate number five. Think I'm almost full.

I had the nicest hitch into town today. The skies were just about to open up when a lady with two Scottish Terriers pulled up and said "hop in." As I loaded my backpack into the rear seat the deluge began. Marium asked if I minded a roundabout route because she was heading to the farm to take care of her horse. At the farm she directed me to two greenhouses to pick fresh tomatoes and green peppers. Yum! The things I miss most on the trail are fresh fruits and vegetables. 

So now I'm fed and have three farm fresh tomatoes and a green pepper. Npw I just need a shower and laundry. Fortunately this restaurant is well aired and no one is sitting near me. Ah, the life of a thru hiker!


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