Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Journal: Flipping and Flopping

Reposted from email:

Hello! Please accept my apologies for the radio silence. Here's the scoop:
Tomorrow, Sweet n' Sour and I are hiking into Harpers Ferry. From there we will be flipping to NY and hiking north. We will summit Katahdin around mile 1900 and then have a cooldown and retrospective hike from NY into Harpers Ferry.

The last couple of weeks have been slightly crazy. It started with the storm and record heat. Then we night hiked to avoid the heat.  With stories of murder, strange deaths, and lightning storms we soon wearied of night hiking. At Waynesboro we heard that the heat was about to break so we waited it out and switched back to days. Shenandoah was quickly cleared. The one constant has been unpredictability.
We're currently staying at Bears Den hostel - run by the ATC. It's a beautiful building and a great place. More on that later. For now, sleep and hiking to Harpers in the morning.

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