Sunday, January 15, 2012

Gear Fun!

Over the past seven months I have had the luxury of playing with gear sets. My ostensible goal was to create the perfect set of gear for a through hike. Um, I'm going to stick to that story. It sounds better than being a gear obsessed backpacker. After all, it's not about the gear is it?

I'm just about done having fun. This is what my kit looks like for 20 degrees:
14.3 lbs Base weight without clothing
17.6 lbs Pack weight including clothing not worn for hiking
23.7 lbs Skin out weight including clothing, shoes, trekking poles
Add in 2 L of water and 2 lbs of food per day, and my pack weight for 5 days starts out at roughly 32 lbs with 6.1 lbs worn, including trekking poles.

And here's what each section looks like:

Pack and shelter
Ounces     Item
34.8          Pack (ULA Circuit)
22.0          Hammock (Warbonnet Blackbird)
17.9          Tarp (Mega Ogee)
2.3            Two carabiners
5.3            Suspension straps
1.4            Tarp ridge line, amsteel soft shackles
2.9            Stakes, four aluminum, four titanium
22.0          Top quilt (LeighLo)
16.0          Under quilt (LeighLo)
5.8            Foam pad torso length to go to ground
3.4            Pack cover
8.3 lbs       Pack and shelter subtotal

Ounces     Item
4.8            Stuff sack and odor proof bags
3.0            Chlorine dioxide for water treatment
1.0            Prefilter for debris
6.2            Nalgene for use with prefilter
13.8          Stove, pot, pot handle, stand, simmer ring, screw cap, lighter, fire striker (Trangia 27)
14.0          Alcohol bottles filled with 12 oz of methanol
0.3            Bamboo spoon
0.8            Camp towel
1.6            Water bottle x2
2.5 lbs       Kitchen subtotal

Safety & Hygiene
Ounces     Item
1.0           Toothbrush, toothpaste
1.8           Trowel
2.2           Hand sanitizer
4.3           First aid kit
3.3           Soap
3.3           Headlamp (with batteries)
1.1           Batteries (4 lithium AAA)
6.5           Maps
3.6           Data book
1.4           Compass & Whistle
1.7           Knife and scissors (Leatherman Micra)
3.0           Emergency blanket
2.0           Toilet paper/baby wipes
2.8           Bear bag line and carabiner for PCT method
2.1 lbs      Safety and Hygiene subtotal

Rain Gear
Ounces     Item
12.7          Rain jacket
3.2            Rain kilt
3.5            Rain & sun hat
1.2 lbs       Rain gear subtotal

Ounces     Item
11.6          Kilt
11.8          Pants (Railriders Eco-Mesh)
7.8            Cold weather base layer
6.0            Warm long sleeve shirt for layering 6
4.6            Short sleeve shirt
9.9            Patagonia Nanopuff
5.0            Long underwear
3.0            Sleeping socks
4.0            Two pair of hiking socks
3.0            Boxers
2.5            Cold weather hat
2.6            Heavy liner gloves
24.1          Trail runners (Altra Lone Peak)
3.8            Custom insoles
13.2          FiveFingers
18.0          Trekking poles
8.2 lbs       Clothing subtotal

Ounces     Item
5.0            All weather journal
0.8            All weather pen
1.0            Wallet, cards, cash
6.8            Cell phone
0.8            Cell phone battery
8.0            Camera
1.4 lbs       Extras subtotal

Meriadoc the Gear Hound

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