Monday, January 30, 2012

Delivery! StickPic

A new gadget came in the mail today. Because I am so extremely photogenic and my photograph is always in high demand, I knew I had to find a better way to photograph myself when I'm solo. Admittedly, none of that is true except the last bit.

For self photos I have always used the arm length approach:

I grew my beard out just for this picture.
Please hold on while I go shave.
 . . . and that's why I usually don't take pictures of myself.

But I ran across this cool gadget called StickPic. A number of forum goers were reeling off their 'would never leave without' items for backpacking. The StickPic showed up numerous times, right next to GorillaPod. (If you haven't seen one of those, check them out.) Curiosity took over.

Two backpackers from San Francisco developed a better way of taking pictures and video of yourself or a small group. Their 10 gram device attaches your camera to the end of your trekking pole. First screw the StickPic onto the camera's tripod mount, attach your camera to the trekking pole with a larks head knot for security, and then slide the StickPic onto the end of the trekking pole. Set your camera to a small delay, hit the shutter and go.

With practice I'm pretty sure I can take a picture so that my arm is not visible.

Rod, one of the inventors and the bloke with whom I spoke on the phone, was incredibly friendly and completely focused on ensuring that I purchased the correct size. They have StickPic sizes for pretty much any trekking pole out there.
These two pieces comprise the StickPic.
Dime shown for size comparison.
I like the simplicity and sturdiness of the device. In one word, it's elegant. My only fear is that I will somehow lose the StickPic because it's small and I'll be taking it out often. But with a vendor like Rod, I'd be happy to be a customer again.

Check out the device and a sampling of photographs at the inventors' website

Meriadoc the Scruffy

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  1. And the best part is the dime shown for comparison.