Friday, January 20, 2012

Backpacking weekend

Winter has arrived (mostly) so it's a backpacking weekend!

As you saw from my last post, my gear list is essentially complete. Tomorrow and the day after, I get to test my setup through rain, freezing rain, and fairly cold sleeping temperatures. This will be my first time carrying my quilts instead of my sleeping bag and I'm really looking forward to the reduced weight and bulk. I did follow my own advice and tested the quilts in the neighboring woods for a night. While I wasn't completely satisfied with the result I am pretty certain I know what went wrong. The top quilt is incredibly warm and the under quilt is too - as long as I have indeed figured out those pesky drafts. Plus I'm bringing my go-to-ground pad as backup.

The hardest part is going to be getting to the trail head when the roads may be icy. I think I may bring my ice axe just for fun. How could that go wrong?

Meriadoc the soon to be wet and cold

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